About US

As a group we have seen many situations where people are just not getting the support they need when it comes to computers. We started this company to do just that! We want to give you the right support for all your computer needs.

We started this company in the summer of 2006, so we are still very young. That should not stop you thinking of us; Collectivley we have around 18 years of computer knowledge in repairs, upgrading, building, health checking, sourcing, programming and web development. Our knowledge is very extensive in many areas and we are sure we can provide you with at least some form of support.

Our Aim

We want to give the best possible support for exactly what you need. Our pledge - We promise, if we can't give you the service and support you need...YOU DON'T PAY!!! That includes if we come to your premises and we cant sort the problem.

We want to be your company, the only company you need for all your computer requirements. We want to help you to grow your knowledge of computers and support you whatever direction you choose.

Why are we called AA 4 Computers

AA stands for 'Absolutely Anything' and the rest is self explanitory. We call ourselves AA 4 Computers because we have so much knowledge about so many areas within the computing industry that we can cover just about every angle of computing and IT. Put simply, we can offer just about Absolutely Anything For Computers.